Emanuela Palmares accepts Independent Party nomination for state representative in Danbury’s 110th District

Emanuela Palmares, has been nominated by the Independent Party as its 110th District candidate. Her name will appear on both the Republican and Independent Party ballot lines.

“I’m honored to receive the Independent Party’s endorsement,” Palmares said after the state party’s nominating convention Aug. 23. “My campaign is being built with a broad coalition of Republicans, Independents and Democrats who want their voices to finally be heard in Hartford.”

Palmares, 33, who faces the 12-term Democrat and deputy house speaker, Bob Godfrey, is the first Brazilian-American to run for statewide office in Connecticut. “Voters can choose between a leader in the Democrat majority that allowed Danbury public schools be underfunded by $30 million, or one who is connected to the community, reflects its rich diversity, and understands the reality of the people who live in the district,” she said.

“Danbury is one of the most diverse cities in the state, and I’m proud to be part of its immigrant community,” said Palmares, who is tri-lingual. More than 45 percent of the 110th’s population are Latino, nearly 35 percent are foreign born, almost 50 percent are women, and almost 20 percent are children.

Palmares (, is a mother of a special-needs child and is active in community and state-wide public and not-for-profit organizations. She is editor of the family-owned Tribuna in Danbury, a bi-weekly newspaper in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


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