Emanuela Palmares one of the first candidates statewide qualified for Citizen Election Program

Danbury, Conn. – Emanuela Palmares is the first candidates for public office in the state to qualify for Connecticut’s Citizen Election Program (CEP), which encourages civic participation in elections and limits the role of private money in the political process.

“I am grateful for the generous donations my campaign has received from people in the district from all walks of life and background – registered Democrats, Republicans, and Independents,” Palmares said. “That diversity is the strength of our campaign. I’m thankful for their confidence, and I am looking forward to engage with all residents of the 110th District.”

Palmares, the first Brazilian-American to run for statewide office in Connecticut, is the Republican candidate for the 110th District. She faces Deputy House Speaker Bob Godfrey and 28-year representative from the district.

To qualify for the Citizens Election Program, a candidate for state representative must raise $5,000 in individual donations of between $5 and $100. A portion of those donations must come from a minimum of 150 residents of the towns a candidate seeks to represent in the General Assembly.

The CEP provides $27,850 in campaign funding to candidates who demonstrate sufficient public support. Candidates for the House who participate are limited to $1,000 in personal funds.

“I am advocating for fiscal responsibility, getting Danbury public school funding it deserves, protecting our jobs, our businesses, and our hospital, and supporting our children, seniors and veterans,” said Palmares. “It’s clear our message is resonating with people all across the 110th district.”

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