NEWSTIMES: Danbury House candidates clash over Latino issues

By Rob Ryser

DANBURY — Veteran lawmaker Rep. Bob Godfrey says if voters want to see what he has done for the city’s urban core in his 13 terms as a state legislator, they need only drive around Danbury.

“From Main Street to the schools to Western (Connecticut State University) to transportation and roads and bridges — everywhere you look, there has been something I have happily touched,” said Godfrey, 68, who is running for a 14th two-year term. “I would like to continue to do that service.”

But Godfrey’s challenger said she has lived and worked in the same 110th District he has represented for a generation, and she claims as many as half of its 25,000 residents do not know him.

“I am hearing a different story,” said GOP challenger Emanuela Palmares, 33, a Brazil native and editor of the city’s trilingual newspaper, Tribuna. “It is almost as if we are talking about two 110th Districts.”