Emanuela Palmares Reacts to Representative Godfrey Calling Cities a Dumping Ground for Poor People and Ethnic Minorities

Today, Emanuela Palmares, candidate for the 110 th General Assembly District, and members of thecommunity, reacted to her opponent Deputy Speaker and State Representative Bob Godfrey calling cities “dumping grounds for poor people and ethnic minorities.”

“We are offended as an entire community within the 110th that Bob Godfrey would use such toxic and divisive language to describe the City of Danbury. It is clear how out of touch he is and why we need a change on November 8th .” Said Palmares The campaign released a 90 second Web Video to highlight the clear differences between the current
representation and the hope and optimism for the future of the 110th .

“We are not a dumping ground. We are people who are born and raised or have come from another country. Who regardless of our ethnicity or how much money we have work hard and have dreams. Dreams that drive our city forward. What keeps businesses from coming from our Downtown? It’s not us, its your actions Mr. Godfrey. We are not the problem; we are the answer.” Said Palmares

These comments were made by Mr. Godfrey at the “Meet the Candidates Night at Broadview Middle School on October 18th and was hosted by the Danbury City-Wide PTO.

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